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Highway 95 Getting a Facelift

 The project to repave Highway 95 from Taylors Falls west to the Sunrise River will begin soon now that spring is starting to creep its way into the chill that still permeates the Minnesota landscape.

The $9+ million project is set to provide wider lanes (two 12-foot wide lanes) and shoulders (six-foot wide shoulders) for travelers. MnDOT also regards this project as a way to improve the drainage on the roadway as they will also be replacing the curb and gutters, as well as the aged culverts (used for drainage) along the way.


This MnDOT project will also be installing new guardrails the length of the roadway. And the project will also add rumble strips to the new roadways as a safety precaution warning drivers when they are veering off the road.


This roadwork will obviously cause delays for those who use Highway 95 in the area. The Taylors Falls area will be affected most, with alternating lane closures for months at a time and even full closures on 95 to finish larger legs on the project.

The project is set to begin mid-April, barring the bad weather delays Minnesota can sometimes bring. Those in the Chisago County area who use Highway 95 need to be sure they are aware of the construction to avoid unnecessary delays. The headache will be worth the effort with the roadway being revitalized, from pavement, to drainage, to even new guardrails. That’s a worthy headache for a brand new stretch of Highway 95.

Posted on March 22 2013