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Chisago County Sheriff's Deputy Saves a Young Man's Life

When men and women sign up to be police officers, they accept the notion they are putting their lives on the line. Considering that, they are all heroes, whether their heroics make the papers or not. One hero, Ryan Edmonds, a Chisago County Sheriff’s Deputy, played a huge part in saving a young man’s life in mid February.

Edmonds responded to a call of collapsed man receiving CPR at the Nessel Township. After arriving at the scene, Edmonds used his car’s AED (automatic external defibrillator) to shock the young man twice in an effort to awaken his sleeping heart. Edmonds and his AED were successful in restoring a pulse, which led to the young man being taken to Cambridge Hospital in an ambulance.


The young man who was saved is Andy Ellsworth. At the hospital it was discovered he had a heart condition called ARVD, or Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia. With surgery, an implant was inserted into Andrew’s chest to keep his heartbeat normal. But without Edmonds and his AED, it might have been too late to discover Andy’s condition.


Saving Andy’s life gave him the ability to continue seeking his mechanical engineering degree, a goal that made him unable to attend the ceremony at the Chisago Lakes Government Center commemorating Edmonds’ live-saving heroic act. The Ellsworth family was not without representation however, as Andy’s mother, Joanne Ellsworth (pictured above) was on hand to publicly thank Edmonds for saving her son’s life.


Police officers do not always get ceremonies for their performed duties. But when a life is saved, it’s impossible not to celebrate the heroic act.

Posted on May 24 2013